DynaLock Corporation

Its modern 18000 square foot facility in Bristol, CT utilizes the latest in computerized machining centers and robotics. Since 1989 the DynaLock Corp. specializes in manufacturing UL listed electromagnetic locks and delayed egress systems. Additional products include UL listed power supplies, exit controls and custom consoles. Dyna-Lock Corp. offers the DynaLife Lifetime Warranty on all standard products.

Dyna Lock Corporation's sales engineering staff is available for technical help regarding product and systems design. In addition, DynaLock Corporation offers design services for custom built products and system point-to-point wiring diagrams.

DynaLock Corporation products are available through nationwide security, locksmith and contract hardware distributors. Dyna Lock Corporation also supports its product line by exhibiting in all major industry trade shows. Training sessions are offered throughout the year, either locally or at the factory.

DynaLock Corporation manufactures high security locking and access control products.

Electromagnetic Locks

Electric Strikes

Electromechanical Locks

DynaLock Electromagnetic Locks


DynaLock Electric Strikes


DynaLock Electromechanical Locks


Delay Egress Locks

Magnetic Door Holders

Access Controls

DynaLock Delay Egress Locks


DynaLock Magnetic Door Holders


DynaLock Access Controls


Exit Controls

Request to Exit Bars

Power Supplies

DynaLock Exit Controls


DynaLock Request-to-Exit Bars


DynaLock Power Supplies



Mounting Accessories


DynaLock Consoles


DynaLock Mounting Accessories


DynaLock Glass Breaks


Miscellaneous Parts

Digital Keypads

DynaLock Miscellaneous Parts


DynaLock Digital Keypads



Our product offerings above include:

  1. Electromagnetic Locks
  2. Electric Strikes
  3. Electromechanical Locks
  4. Delay Egress Locks
  5. Magnetic Door Holders
  6. Access Controls
  7. Exit Controls
  8. Request-to-Exit Bars
  9. Power Supplies
  10. Consoles
  11. Mounting Accessories
  12. Communicating Bathroom Systems