Hi-Fi by HAI
Hi-Fi by HAI Winner Electronic House Product of the Year


Hi-Fi by HAI unleashes music in your home!

Bring your music out to play—in any room, from any source.

Listen to and share music on your stereo, iPod, satellite radio, digital cable TV, computer, or CD player in any room in your home.

Hi-Fi by HAI is a high fidelity, central Whole Home Audio system providing clear digital sound throughout the home.

A sleek, wall mounted Volume and Source Control (VSC) replaces bulky components in each room, and speakers are practically hidden in ceilings and walls. The VSC features a display for volume, source and other items. Simply turn the knob to adjust volume, and push it to select source and audio options.

Hi-Fi RemotesHi-Fi by HAI is supplied with a remote so you can control the VSC from your easy chair. The VSC has a built-in repeater, so you can use your own remote in any room with a VSC to change channels, stations, tracks, pause, play, etc. HAI also offers a programmable remote that works with the VSC and your source equipment.

The unique Remote Input Modules (RIMs) are located near your sources and make the audio available for enjoyment in each room with a VSC and speakers. The main amplifier unit is neatly mounted on a closet wall or in a structured wiring cabinet. The system supports up to 8 rooms (also called zones) and 6 sources.

Now music can flow freely and be enjoyed in any room, by the pool, in the backyard, or anywhere that you want it to be.

Hi-Fi by HAI is plug and play with HAI home control systems so you can coordinate your music with activities in the home. Set every room to the MP3 player and preset the volumes for a party. Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when it’s bedtime. Turn the entire system off when leaving the house. Select news for weekday wakeup.

Use any of HAI’s user interfaces to control Hi-Fi, including OmniTouch touchscreens, consoles, keypads, Snap-Link, Home Control for Windows Media Center, and Web-Link II.

Hi-Fi Whole Home Audio System by HAI get yours today!