HAI can make your dreams of an automated home come to life.

HAI Home Control Systems are the heart of your automated home because they can coordinate all of the systems in your home to talk to each other. An HAI home control system adjusts the security, cooling, heating, and lighting automatically for comfort, convenience, and safety.

The following image demonstrates what a Home Control System can do:

Diagram of HAI capabilities

Have you ever dreamt of an automated home?

HAI Home Control Systems Product Families

Between HAI's Omni family and Lumina family of home control systems, HAI provides enough options to meet virtually all size, sophistication, and pricing requirements.

Omni home control systems feature built-in UL Listed security and fire systems, lighting control, temperature control and audio control with telephone and Internet connectivity options. There are three models in the Omni family.

Lumina home control systems provide sophisticated lighting control that is affordable and easy to install in new or existing homes. If desired, it can tie into an existing security system. Numerous options and accessories from HAI allow Lumina family systems to grow into complete home automation systems. There are two models in the Lumina family.