Honeywell GSM Advanced Communication Products


Honeywell brings you the most robust communications products available, developed with the highest level of reliability and with the future in mind. Our ground-breaking solutions such as Dual-Path and Triple-Path Technology increase the reliability of security communications so signals can get through.

7845GSM Dual-Path Digital Wireless Communicator

The 7845GSM delivers secure, reliable and complementary digital communications via the GSM network. It features our exclusive dual-path technology which utilizes GPRS for alarm reporting and data transmission, and SMS as back-up of alarm reporting should GPRS become unavailable.

7845i Internet Communicator

The 7845i Internet Communicator was developed to take advantage of the growing use of the Internet for security communications. The easy-to-install 7845i provides sophisticated data security. The revolutionary technology provides an affordable and secure Internet monitoring solution.

7845i-GSM Triple-Path Digital Communicator

The 7845i-GSM combines the Internet communicator with a GSM radio in one convenient device. Our exclusive triple-path communications solution delivers added reliability and an extra level of security. Triple-path technology provides three paths of communication using the Internet, GPRS, and SMS. The Internet is the primary and least costly way to communicate. Should the Internet be unavailable, the unit can communicate using the GSM network.

Dual-Path and Triple-Path Communications

Our GSM partners provide our dedicated wireless network. Our family of products employs flexible GSM technology. For the 7845GSM, dual-path GSM communication utilizes GPRS and automatically switches to SMS if GPRS is unavailable. With the 7845i-GSM, Honeywell adds ground-breaking Internet connectivity along with GPRS and SMS technology to provide triple-path communication. In this case, the Internet is used as the primary path, with GSM technology as a backup.

User-initiated and Event-initiated Services

Remote System Control

Users can control the system and receive information through any text messaging device such as a cell phone or PDA. This service allows the user to:

• Request system status

• Arm or disarm

• Bypass specific zones

• Control outputs

Web-based Remote System Control

Through any web browser on a PC, PDA or web-enabled cell phone, the system can be controlled with a virtual keypad. Anything that can be done on a real keypad can be done on the virtual keypad.

Notification of System Events

For customers who require more personal reporting and a more customized communication solution, you can now offer reporting of a wide variety of system events. This highly personalized service reports via e-mail to any capable device, even cell phones.

In addition to system status, users can be notified of activity in various areas of the home or business,


• A gun cabinet

• A kitchen cabinet with household chemicals

• A liquor cabinet

• Doors to restricted areas

• Confidential file drawers

• Controlled substances

Video Notification of System Events

Can you imagine the value you will bring to your customers when you offer them the ability to see what is going on in their home or business while they are somewhere else? Consider the business owner who’s on vacation but still needs to "mind the store," the working parent who wants to keep an eye on the babysitter, or the adult child that wants to check up on Grandma and Grandpa in another city

– the possibilities are endless!

Video notification is accomplished by adding Optiflex cameras to the security system. A picture or series of pictures can be sent to a PDA, cell phone or e-mail address upon the occurrence of a system event. This same video notification can take place for a preprogrammed non-critical event such as a child coming home from school.