Honeywell Rapid Eye LT Digital Recording & Transmission System DVR

Rapid Eye LT

More than a DVR, Rapid Eye Multi-Media LT (REMLT) provides a cost effective, powerful, and intelligent digital storage management tool that combines video, audio, and data capabilities in a single remote unit. The system is designed to record, search and transmit your video, audio and data transactions--providing users with both live and post-event assessment options.

The system consists of three major components which include: the Recorder Unit (RU), featuring LocalView, the local user interface that provides on-site video, audio and data management capabilities and basic system and camera configuration; ONEADMIN Software, the workstation/server-based administration tool capable of single site and multiple user management; VIEW Software, the feature-rich, workstation-based operator program. The powerful combination of ONEADMIN and VIEW truly differentiate the REMLT system from the competition.

REMLT can be seamlessly integrated with existing video equipment and incorporated into any TCP/IP and/or Dial-up network--making it one of the most cost-effective solutions for both new and existing video security systems.

Honeywell Rapid Eye Multi-Media DSP DVR

Rapid Eye DSP

Honeywell is pleased to announce the new Rapid Eye Multi-Media DSP system. This 16-channel digital video recorder (DVR) is the newest addition to the Rapid Eye Series.


The Rapid Eye Multi-Media DSP is ideal when centralized video management is essential and users require fully-featured remote capabilities.

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