Ives Hinges and Finish Door Hardware

Founded in 1876, Ives has produced a full line of quality door hardware. Emphasis is placed on product quality, value and application flexibility. Ives extensive hardware line includes a variety of push pull handles, kickplates, door stops, flush bolts, pivots, and hinges.

Ives continues to expand its line of door accessory hardware to include continuous hinges which provides a full offering of products to hang the door. Proper selection is vital to the longevity of your opening. Ives offers multiple options available in each category.

  Ives offers a wide range of Hinges and Pivots
  Ives offers a broad range of Pull, Plates, an
  A variety of flush bolts and coordinators ava
  Ives offers a wide selection of latches, catc
  Options available for floor stops and more
  Various lock guards, viewers, and crash stops
  Glynn-Johnson overhead stops are designed to
  Hooks & Brackets

Ives offers a full line of:
Hinges & Pivots, Pulls & Push Plates, Flush Bolts & Coordinators, Latches, Catches, Bolts & Guards, Stops, Bumpers & Silencers, Exterior Hardware, Hooks & Brackets
Window Hardware, Cabinet Knobs & Pulls, Hobby Hardware, Overhead Door Holders & Stops