LobbyWorks Visitor Management System


Who Uses Visitor Management Systems?

LobbyWorks Visitor Management SystemElectronic Visitor Management is gaining wide acceptance as an essential part of physical security infrastructure. Visitor Management is being adopted across the board in many industries including:

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare facilities, Food supply chain, Technology R&D centers and Manufacturing sites, Media and Communication companies, Government agencies, Defense contractors, Chemical production sites, Utilities, Finance and Insurance corporate offices and many more. All have a common need to gain better visibility of their visitor traffic through consistent registration and visitor policy enforcement procedures.


Enhance your investment in access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility's visitor traffic.

why LobbyWorks?

Lobbyworks Awarded the SIA 2005 "Best Software Category in the New Product Showcase" and IFSEC 2005 "Security Industry Innovation Award"Each day scores of visitors pass through the entrances to your facility. Having the ability to screen and track them can contribute substantially to the safety and protection of your personnel and property. For companies that have made significant investments in perimeter security and access control, the ability to automatically screen and track visitors is an essential part of a complete security plan.

Your lobby is your first line of defense and your visitor’s first impression. With increased threats, the traditional method of using a log book and generic visitor tags leaves you vulnerable. LobbyWorks is a simple and effective way to gain better control of your visitor traffic. With LobbyWorks, visitors are identified, potential threats are flagged, expected visitors are pre-authorized, badges are issued, sponsors are notified, and visitors are tracked while on the premises.

Honeywell’s LobbyWorks is a powerful visitor management system that offers unprecedented control and enforcement of visitor security policies. It is an enterprise system that leverages your existing infrastructure to offer a flexible and open solution. It is a simple and effective method to strengthen your security, improve lobby effectiveness, and enhance service levels and professionalism.

LobbyWorks Suite is a simple and cost effective way to:

Determine who is in your facility at all times

Identify unwanted visitors

Eliminate abuse of visitor badges

Protect the confidentiality of visitors

Facilitate communication between hosts, visitors, and security personnel

Improve lobby and security desk productivity

how does it work?

In a matter of a few seconds:

1. Scan a business card or drivers license to gather information about the visitor. For pre-registered and returning visitors, badges may already be waiting for the visitor upon arrival and simply need to be scanned for check in. If required, LobbyWorks can display visitation rules or a short safety video.

2. Take a photo of the visitor and match it with the visitor information.

3. Discretely perform security checks to ensure the visitor is expected, not on a visitor watch list, and have the visit authorized in real-time. During registration, LobbyWorks also consistently checks the visitor information against your list of barred visitors. The use of such a list is crucial in securing your site. LobbyWorks checks for potential matches based on names and aliases, driver’s license numbers, pictures and more. In addition, LobbyWorks checks the visitor’s information against expected visitors and those who have been on site before to reuse their information and process them more quickly as returning visitors.

4. Print an individual professional badge with the visitor’s name and photo, expiration time, host name, valid access areas and any other required information. Visitor badges can be printed on B/W thermal direct label printers, inkjet or laser color printers or dye-sublimation printers. Visitor badges can have features such as time-expiring stamps or tamper-resistant inks.

5. While on site, LobbyWorks proactively tracks if the visitor signs out as expected. For expired visits, LobbyWorks can contact the host to check if the visitor is still on site. This ensures that visitors are monitored at all times and that hosts enforce your sign out policy.

It’s that SIMPLE!
powerfully productive

LobbyWorks Visitor Management SystemIn many facilities, despite significant investment in physical security, tracking of visitors is still a manual process. The registration of visitors in a paper logbook and issuing non-descript VISITOR tags is often the cause of lobby inefficiencies and is a source of potential security exposures.

The visitor logbook is often inaccurate and incomplete. It does not consistently include the host’s name, visit location, or sign out time and therefore cannot be reliably used in cases of emergencies and forensic investigations. The problem is drastically compounded for facilities with multiple entrances and with separate logs for different types of visitors. In addition, the VISITOR tags issued to visitors can be easily abused by impostors.

Most of all, this manual process is recognized by many companies as a missed opportunity to collect detailed and accurate information about visitors, encourage visitor pre-registration, consistently check for barred visitors, enforce mandatory visitor sign out policy, and proactively track visitors while on site.

The LobbyWorks Suite is a solution that is simple to deploy and use, yet flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of small and enterprise customers with diverse visitor management processes and policy requirements.

LobbyWorks Visitor Management System Includes:

LobbyWorks Front Desk

Register and track visitors. Includes: photo ID/business card scan, photo and signature capture, badge printing, visitor sign in/out tracking, watch list filtering, emergency list report, delivery and asset tracking, visitor access card tracking and much more.

LobbyWorks Kiosk

Self-registration station for high traffic or unattended lobby. Ergonomically designed with voice coaching. Visitors enter their information and are then authorized remotely by a security desk or the host employee.

LobbyWorks Web Center

Used by employees to pre-register their visitors and by authorized security personnel to view visitor traffic in real time as well as validate, sign in and sign out visitors’ badges.

LobbyWorks Notify

Used by employees at their workstation to get real-time pop-up when their visitor arrives or if their visitor requires immediate authorization. Also used to proactively track expired visits.

LobbyWorks Reports

Allow authorized personnel to generate detailed visitor traffic reports and graphs for each day, week, month or year. View traffic per employee, visitor, department, location, building or company - true reporting flexibility at your fingertips.

LobbyWorks Administrator

Tap into LobbyWorks flexibility and power to tailor it to your specific facility and business needs. Control security policies for visitors and contractors, user permissions, badge and report templates and much more.

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*Kits include software license as well as: LWVMSDOME, LWVMSDLS, LWVMSBP, LWVMSVB