Honeywell’s New TouchCenter Graphic Keypads…

Now with Color, Customization and Voice!

The vibrant, crystal-clear color displays aren’t the only thing that’s bright about Honeywell’s 6271 Graphic touchscreens.

With a TouchCenter to suit the lifestyle and budget of every single one of your customers—including brilliant color or monochromatic displays and convenient voice prompts that guide users through emergencies—the opportunities are endless. With homescreen customization, you can display a family photo, the central station phone number—even your own logo!

What’s more, advanced features like lighting and garage door control provide an excellent upsell opportunity.

No other keypad can touch it!

TouchCenter Graphic Keypad Family

The most sophisticated, exciting advance in security and home control.

TouchCenter Graphic KeypadA blend of head-turning style and sophisticated technology, the state-of-the-art touchscreen keypad makes security system operation easier than ever—with graphics and menu-driven prompts guiding you every step of the way. By simply touching the graphics on the intuitive, easy-to-read touchscreen display, you can conduct a variety of tasks with unprecedented ease.

There is a member of the Graphic Touchscreen Keypad family to suit every lifestyle and budget—including color or black and white displays and keypads with convenient voice prompts to guide you every step of the way! With homescreen customization*, you can even display a family photo or the central station phone number.

For the ultimate in convenience, comfort and control, count on Honeywell’s Graphic Keypad family. The intelligent design lets you add real security to your home and enjoy lifestyle-enhancing benefits you wont find anywhere else. No other keypad can touch it!

*Please speak to your security dealer about customization options.

Security Made Simple

Whether arming or disarming your system, bypassing zones or controlling lights, the TouchCenter Graphic Keypad Family makes operation crystal clear, with no complicated commands to remember or blinking lights to interpret.

Keeping You in Touch

The built-in message center is a great way to keep you in touch! Ideal for busy households, this valuable feature lets family members record and playback voice memos for one another.

Home Control

Enjoy all the comforts of home thanks to centralized, fingertip control of lighting, appliances, garage doors and more.*

When Seconds Count…

…count on voice! Our voice option enables your security system to annunciate the type and location of alarm to give your family all the time they need to react in an emergency situation.

Customize It!

TouchCenter allows you to customize the keypad homescreen with a family picture or name to make it feel more personalized.