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Honeywell ABUS Whole-House Intercom Solution

Whole-House Intercom Solution

Need to monitor a loved one or an elderly relative during the night? Want to know when the baby wakes up? In the middle of a project upstairs and need to know when dinner is ready downstairs—without having to yell?

Count on Honeywell for the most simple and affordable way to bring convenient intercom communication into your home. You can communicate with any individual room, or broadcast throughout your home. You can even mute or monitor any number of rooms—all at the same time!

Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom provides the security, convenience and peace of mind you need!

How it Works

Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom sends power and sound to control centers throughout your home and outside at entry doors. Individual entry doors can initiate unique chimes throughout the house—which in turn can be responded to from any room! It’s simple to know where your visitor is calling from, as well as respond and interact. In fact, multiple family members can communicate simultaneously—even hands-free!

Sleek and Attractive

Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom provides excellent sound quality and is sleek, stylish and blends with any décor. It’s not only fun and convenient to use—it looks great, too!

ABUS Peace of MindPeace of Mind

Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom is ideal for all families—whether it’s the normal day to day routine or special situations like caring for babies or elderly relatives.

Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom can provide you with the peace of mind you need when a loved one has gotten out of bed or needs your help or when you want to monitor the nursery.

Honeywell’s ABUS Intercom is ideal for people who need to communicate with their caregivers and far more pleasant than having to listening to shouting or a ringing bell! Since communication can be either point-to-point or broadcast, individual rooms can be muted so as not to disturb.

Honeywell’s ABUS IntercomEasy-to-Use

No matter which room you are communicating with, you can simply choose between having a “whole-house” announcement or a private, room-to-room conversation by just pressing easy-to-use color coded buttons. Push a button to talk or enjoy handsfree operation when you’re cooking a meal or busy with something.


• Find out who is at the front door and press a button to let them in that specific door with the optional door lock control

• Want privacy? Just select Do Not Disturb. Want to listen to the baby’s room? Just choose Monitor. ABUS gives you the flexibility you require to customize your needs on a daily basis.

• Integrates with Honeywell’s ABUS whole house audio system, so when an intercom communication is initiated, the whole house audio distribution is interrupted— making it easy to hear and respond anywhere in or around the house.

After you’re done, your background music will automatically resume playing your favorites!

• Press a button to talk or use handsfree operation – it’s your choice!