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Luminescent Exit Signs
When everything else is knocked out, our exit signs and pathway systems shine!

They function during any blackout emergency.

NYC RS-6 Code Solutions

Active Safety's low level products meet UBC & California Title 24 requirements.

NYC Building Code Local Law 26 RS 6-1

On July 1, 2006 the NYC Building Code Local Law 26, RS 6-1 deadline will arrive.

Your building will need to be in compliance by this date. Active Safety is ready with the complete line of products you will need to become code compliant.

New York's City Council voted in one voice this past year to pass Local Law 26 RS-1. These new regulations will make New York a safer place to live and work.

A requirement of this new law mandates all CLASS E offi ce buildings in New York City above 75 feet to incorporate a fail safe egress system. This system will consist of photoluminescent exit signage and egress marking providing a lighted way to safety when other backup systems have failed. Active Safety is the leader in testing and listing in the photoluminescent industry in the United States. We set the standards for the UL 924 and UL1994 code on low level and hi level exit signage and pathway systems. We currently are listed by UL, ETL, ICC and MEA.

Local Law 26 RS 6-1 affects all Group E office buildings above 75 ft.

We have the answers and all the required products. We have the solution!


  1. Who? All office buildings over 75 feet.

  2. Where? On doors leading to stairs and exit stair plus additional areas where egress is not clear.

  3. When? July 1, 2006 is your deadline date to meet the code.

Don't wait! Become code compliant today.

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Listed to NYC MEA #19-94

Industry leader in photoluminescent safety and technology code

First in United States with UL listed photoluminescent products

Listed to UL 924, AIA approved

Meets NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and OSHA

Listing Reports:

UL Listed SA12885 ICC - ESR1409

Intertek Testing (ETL) J99026743-001A