Aiphone Designing for Residential Systems


Imagine the convenience of knowing whose at your door before you open it. Add to that the ability to see as well as hear who’s there and you’ve got an Aiphone Door Entry System. Used in place of the standard doorbell an Aiphone system provides not only the advantage of knowing who’s there, but the peace of mind as well.

Also consider the age-old issue of communicating within the home. In addition to securing a family, Aiphone provides systems for every communication need within the home.

For more information see the following product pages:
JF Open Voice Color Video
JA Open Voice Color Video with PanTilt
MK-1GD Fixed Camera, Black & White Video, Single Entry System
MK-2MCD PanTilt Camera, Black & White Video, Two Entry System
KC Tilt Camera, Color Video, Single Entry System
KB Tilt Camera, Color Video, Three Entry System
LEF-C Open Voice system
LEF-C With MY Series Video entry
CCS-1A Chime Com 2 Audio Only Intercom
C-123L Chime Com Audio Only Intercom with Door Release


A multi-family building offers several unique communication issues. Talking to an individual tenant from a lobby panel, elevator security and parking garage communications are just a few of the situations that can be encountered. Look to Aiphone to solve all of your Multi-family communication and security needs.

For more information, see the following product pages:
DA Series, Two-Wire entry System
VC-M Audio Only Multi Unit Entry
GF Series Audio Only or Audio Video Multi Unit Entry

GH Series Open Voice Color Video Multi-Unit Entry System

Gated Communities

The needs of a gated or guarded community encompass those of both Multi-family and single family home systems. Aiphone can provide solutions to those needs as well as interfacing with CCTV systems, perimeter communication systems and gate control.

For more information, see the following product pages:
NEM Lamp Memory System
NEM-LD Lamp memory System for Long Distance/Elevator applications
NDR Lamp Memory system with Access control and CCTV control
NDRM Rack Mount Lamp Memory System
LAF-C Console Style System
LDF-C Console Style System with Access control and CCTV control
LEF Open Voice system
LEF-LD LEF System for Long Distance/Elevator applications