when seconds count ...count on ApexWhen seconds count…

…count on Apex.

Security worth talking about

An exclusive, exciting advance in security, Honeywell’s Apex is a system you can put your trust in when every second counts.

A state-of-the-art voice warning system actually speaks to you in the event of an intrusion, fire or other emergency—pinpointing the exact location of an alarm so your family can act quickly. It’s peace of mind and convenience you can count on.

And Apex does so much more than protect your property. It’s intelligent design and convenient features take security and home control to new levels—making your life easier than you’ve ever dreamed possible. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

apex peace of mindPeace of Mind

Now you can rest easy, knowing Apex provides superior, round-the-clock protection. Indoor, outdoor, fire detection—customized security is simple and automatic. Once your security professional programs the functions, you can get a good night’s sleep—knowing that Apex will stand guard and do the rest.

Voice Warning System: Apex enhances security by speaking to you in clear English, explaining the type and precise location (i.e. "Fire-bedroom smoke detector", "Intrusion detected – front door") of an alarm or other emergency. There are no confusing beeps to interpret— just detailed, spoken information to help you calmly and quickly respond to any situation.

Remote Controls: Use convenient wireless remotes to control your security system, garage doors, lights and appliances with the touch of a button.

Two-Way Voice: In the event of an alarm or emergency, Apex lets you communicate with your central monitoring station to verify the problem and communicate vital information to the proper authorities.

Lighting: Your lights can be programmed to flash on and off during an alarm, and remain flashing as a warning to those arriving home. They can help your family find their way, turning on when motion is detected in an upstairs hallway at night. In the event of a fire, exit lighting can be turned on. For an added level of protection, you can create an "on and off" schedule for a lived-in look when you’re away.

Instant Notification: With Apex, you’re always in touch. Ideal for working parents, the system can automatically contact you via telephone or e-mail when your child arrives home safely from school.

Apex comfor convenience & controlComfort, Convenience and Control

AApex does so much more than provide property protection. It also provides next-generation home control to make your life easier and more comfortable than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

By simply using the keypad or any touchtone phone, you can conveniently control your lights, appliances, HVAC, garage doors—even water your lawn!

After a long day, you can—with the push of one button—open your garage door, turn on the lights, set the temperature to the perfect level and tune the stereo to your favorite station. Apex’s 24 hour programming can also take advantage of time-of-use utility rates, and energy is conserved through the control of lights, thermostats and appliances.

Apex Connect... and ControlConnect... and Control

An exciting option, Honeywell’s compatibility with In2 Networks’ Connect and Control technology can enhance the effectiveness of Apex. It provides easy and affordable control via the web and enables home security, HVAC, lighting and audio to work together to make your home safer and more comfortable.





Increased Life Safety

• In the event of a fire, the system can shut down HVAC airflow, helping to stop the spread of smoke.

• Via text messaging, a cell phone or e-mail, you can receive quick notification of system events.

• The system lets you view video cameras and check on your home from any Internet connection—both in the home and away.


• Control your security system, thermostats and lighting from any PC, web tablet or laptop with an Internet connection—even from a wireless PDA!

• Easily control lighting, video and audio for an authentic theater experience.

• Control interior and landscape lighting scenes to suit your mood and enhance the beauty of your home.

• Compatible with other Connect and Control devices for lighting and audio.

Connect and Control is a technology developed by In2 Networks.