Home Control with Apex

Life is simpler when your system is smart.

Life can be simpler.

Honeywell’s Apex system can do much more than protect your property. With advanced home control and convenience features, it can enhance your lifestyle, too.

A Home Control System Designed Just For You

A Home Control System Designed Just For YouAt your command, at the keypad or by touchtone phone, Honeywell’s Apex system can control your lighting, appliances, electronics – even doors.

And that’s just the beginning. Apex can perform a wide range of exciting functions – even while you’re away! And understanding your Apex system is easy because it speaks to you. The system’s 475 word plain-English vocabulary is easily understood.

Apex Keeps Your Family Safe and SecureApex Keeps Your Family Safe and Secure

Although Apex is an integrated home control system, security remains its most important component. At the heart of Apex is a powerful security system that provides protection against intrusion or fire. And no one makes customized security so simple or so automatic. In fact, your security professional will program all the functions to meet the needs of your specific lifestyle. Apex will stand guard to help keep your home safe and secure 24 hours a day.

Reduce Your Home Energy Costs

In addition to making life simpler and safer, the home control features can also help you save money. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be controlled for economy as well as convenience.

Twenty-four hour programming lets you take advantage of time-of-use utility rates. Energy management is further enhanced through the control of lights and appliances.

Apex is Surprisingly Affordable

Despite its sophistication, the simple-to-operate Apex system is surprisingly affordable. The ease with which this system can be installed saves you money in labor fees, and there are no expensive add-ons.

Did you ever imagine that a home control system could do all this?

• Arm or disarm your security system

• Open the garage door

• Adjust your home’s heating and air conditioning

• Turn selected lights and appliances on and off

• Preheat the oven

• Control the outside lights

• Open and close motorized shades

Make the smart choice! You can be confident when you choose Apex, known nationwide for innovation, quality and value.

Clear Spoken Voice

An ordinary system can only warn you of an event through sirens and sounds. An Apex system alerts you in clear English, explaining the type and exact location of the incident so you can take the appropriate action.

Remote Controls

Convenient remote controls let you operate your Apex system, and initiate entire sequences of events with the simple touch of a button.

Alphanumeric Paging

Ideal for working parents, Honeywell’s Apex system can automatically page you when your child arrives home safely from school.

Two Way Voice

In the event of an alarm or emergency, you’re never alone. The Apex system lets you communicate with your central monitoring station through your keypad’s built-in microphone or through an external intercom.

Apex takes home control to new levels. With a 475-word plain English vocabulary and the ability to perform functions of your choice, the advanced Apex system makes your life simple because it’s so smart.

Apex Intelligent Home Control

Friendly Technology Adds Convenience to Everyday Living

Apex Intelligent Home ControlAt Honeywell, we’ve taken home control technology to the next level. Not only does our Apex system control individual functions, it also lets you automate entire sequences of events. For example:

• Wouldn’t it start your day off right if, at the touch of a button, you could set your security system, open the garage door, adjust the thermostat, turn off selected lights and appliances and control your in-ground lawn sprinklers?

• Would you feel welcome if you arrived home from work and the Apex system automatically turned on the lights, opened the garage door, adjusted the temperature, and preheated the oven? Without a doubt!

Let Apex help simplify your life.