What new Aiphone product flawlessly integrates with existing security components?

Aiphone AX Series

CCTV Cameras | Access Control Hardware | Outside Phone Line | Door Strikes or Magnetic Door Locks

The AX Series offers seamless integration into existing security systems including CCTV, Electronic Access Control and an outside phone line.

The system supports up to 8 master stations and 120 door stations, all connected with dedicated CAT-5e cable. Best of all, the AX Series is PC programmable so the system features and functionality is set up in a snap.

Completing the Security Puzzle

With building security systems getting more sophisticated, the use of CCTV and access control are a more of a requirement now, instead of the luxury they were just a short time ago. Unfortunately, CCTV and access control don't always provide a complete system. CCTV systems present a broad view of a wide area and access control systems are only as good as the credentials put in front of them.

The AX Series by Aiphone is the final piece that completes the security puzzle. The AX video door station shows a clear image of a person’s face to complement the broad image shown by CCTV. Simultaneously, it provides a convenient method of communication for those with lost, missing or inappropriate access credentials. In addition the AX Series can forward calls from access points to an outside phone line.

After identity is established, simply press a button on the AX master unit to activate the door where access is being requested.

The AX Series allows up to eight locations to communicate with as many as 120 door stations and everything is wired with CAT-5e cable to make installation a snap. The series has a wide variety of door stations, including those with embedded HID proximity card readers that allow access control, intercom, and video identification in one package.

Newly designed mullion mounted door stations allow audio communication at access points where it was previously unavailable. The provided software is intuitive to use.

It controls many features and functions of the system, and also provides log data of system activity.




When protecting a facility, the AX Series is user friendly to visitors and vendors who must enter areas protected by card access security systems. When a visitor pushes the button on the door station, the master(s) rings and the video monitor provides a clear, bright image of who is at the door. Once the visitor has been approved, a door release button can be pressed to let them in. Employees who have lost credentials can use the system for verification prior to gaining entry too. The versatility of the AX system allows multiple entries to communicate throughout a commercial facility.


Aiphone’s AX Series combines communication with monitoring of multiple gates and doors. The seamless integration of intercom with existing CCTV and access control systems provides reliable communication between stations and electronic door control. The AX Series also provides an effective solution for correctional personnel within cell block areas. Where communication and security control are critical, the system performs flawlessly and provides event logging of all system activity. An assortment of vandal resistant sub stations is also available for guard to inmate communication.


Schools without an electronic access control system to monitor doors or office entrances must rely on staff personnel to be the eyes and ears of their facility. With Aiphone’s AX Series, monitoring these entrances is now easier than ever. The system offers the flexibility to monitor, communicate, and control multiple entrances, along with providing a crisp image of who is at the door. Once the visitor is identified, they can be let in by means of a built-in door release button on the system. Integrate the system with an electronic access control system instead of worrying about lost or stolen keys ending up in the wrong hands. Aiphone’s quality door stations with built in HID readers make maintaining the system easier than replacing keys and credentials.


Whether there’s trouble or simply a lost card key, the AX Series empowers staff and visitors with the safety and security of immediate assistance. Instant communication at ticket stanchions, stairwells, and other locations throughout a parking structure is a basic function of the AX system. Heighten effectiveness with access control integration, call forwarding, scan monitoring, and event logging. The AX system can also prevent unauthorized access to materials and sensitive areas. Options such as video/audio confirmation with selective door release and integration with staff card readers provide tailored solutions to specific access control needs.

AX Series Central Exchange Unit

The Central Exchange Unit (CEU) is the "brains" of the AX Series. All master and door stations homerun to the CEU for connection and programming. All CEU's have RJ-45 jacks for station connection, programmed dry contacts for remote control functions (door release etc.), video output, CO line output, and an RS-232 connection for programming, event log output, and CCTV/Access Control interface.


AX Series Master Stations

The AX Series features an audio only and an audio/video master station. Both units are CAT-5e homerun wired to the CEU and feature an oversized TALK button to activate the VOX or PTT style communication. Other features inlcude door call-in indicator, call buttons for other units, scan monitoring activation button, privacy button, a call tone volume control, CO line transfer button, All Call button, headset connection, and a button for door release. The audio/video master station (AX-8MV) has a 3-1/2" TFT monitor. Up to eight masters can be included in a system. Each master has eight buttons for communication to door stations, and add-on selectors (AX-16SW) can be added to increase the number of doors to 120 stations.

AX Series Door Stations

Audio/Video door stations are available as surface mount units with an aluminum faceplate or as a flush mount unit with a stainless steel faceplate. Both units are available with an embedded HID reader and feature a metal call button, Lexan covered camera, RJ-45 jack for easy connection, speaker and microphone assembly for clear communication and white illumination LED's for clear visibility in low light conditions. In addition, a mullion mounted audio only door station is available and all IE/IF series door stations are compatible. All doors homerun to the CEU and are connected using CAT-5e cable.

AX Series Compatible Door Stations & Accessories