RoamAlert Wander Prevention system - The total solution for wander prevention

The total solution for wander prevention

The RoamAlert system gives you the tools you need to protect your residents when and where they need it. No other product offers the same level of flexibility and scalability, combined with ease of use for staff and administrators.

The unique advantages of the RoamAlert system

Individual passcodes & passwords
The RoamAlert system features individual user passwords for software access and bypassing exits, so that only authorized staff can escort a resident through a door.

Detailed log of who did what
With the Roam Alert system, you have a detailed log of all system activity, including the time, the resident, and the staff member.

Secure “day pass” for family visits
For family visits, the Transport command lets you grant temporary absence to a resident without revealing passwords to family members.

Control over all exits
The RoamAlert system can tie into your access control system to prevent someone from inadvertently bypassing a door when a resident is nearby.

Flexible resident protection
The RoamAlert system lets you customize the level of protection for each resident—letting them pass through some exits, but not others—giving them the maximum freedom compatible with their safety.

Affordable stand-alone door coverage
For smaller facilities with one or two exits to monitor, and only a few residents in need of protection, VeriChip offers the RoamAlert ECO product. Built on the same highly reliable FM technology as the RoamAlert system, ECO provides simple and reliable wander prevention.


RoamAlert tag

The RoamAlert tag is the smallest and lightest tag on the market today. Attached with a sturdy locking strap, the tag emits a special signal every time it approaches a protected exit.

Two tag variants are available. The RoamAlert tag (part no. AR3TA02-00W) for facilities with a perimeter system carries a 3 year warranty. The RoamAlert pulse tag (part no. AR3TA01-00W) for facilities using receivers for resident locating carries a 1 year warranty.

RoamAlert Staff Tag

The staff tag enables staff members to escort a monitored resident through an exit without pressing a button. The system automatically unlocks the door, and records the identity of the staff member and the residents he/she is escorting.

RoamAlert Door Controller

The Door Controller monitors exits from the facility. Installed above or beside the doorway, the RoamAlert Door Controller emits a detection field that covers the opening. When a RoamAlert tag approaches the open exit, an alarm is immediately generated in the RoamAlert software.

The Door Controller also includes a keypad for staff to escort a resident through the exit without causing an alarm.

RoamAlert Elevator Controller

The RoamAlert Elevator Controller provides door coverage in elevators. The Elevator Controller travels with the elevator car, providing protection for all floors. This save on installing a door controller on every floor of a multi-floor facility.

RoamAlert Software

The RoamAlert system is controlled by a central Server PC, which monitors all exits and reports all alarms. In addition, the system supports any number of Consoles to provide reporting of alarms are multiple locations.

RoamAlert Receiver

The Receiver is used for facilities that wish to track residents, or use emergency response tags and asset tags. It is installed at regular intervals throughout the facility to pick up Tag Location Messages (TLMs) from RoamAlert pulse tags (or asset tags), and/or duress calls from emergency response tags.