Digital Watchdog Digital Video Recorders DVR

Digital Watchdog Digital Video Recorders DVRThe Digital Watchdog Pro is the brain child of KALTECH Electronics, Inc., DBA Digital Watchdog. Over 10 years ago, we discovered a niche in the security surveillance industry that would change the way we look at video recording. Our engineers spent months in intense research, testing, retesting, and refining the PC-based system that would revolutionize the security industry. We were determined to produce a product that was not only easy-to-use, but economical at the same time. The system had to have remote access, long recording times, and be affordable. The result was first the Digital Watchdog and now the Digital Watchdog Pro.

KALTECH Electronics, Inc., DBA Digital Watchdog has always had a special emphasis on computer service. Over the last 20 years, KALTECH Electronics, Inc., became one of Florida's premier computer monitor repair facilities, which is now known as Tech Point International, and is still right next door to Digital Watchdog.

KALTECH Electronics, Inc., has been working on the Digital Watchdog line of digital video recorders for several years now. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the PC industry is reflected in every Digital Watchdog we produce. Look for Digital Watchdog in your surveillance future.

Digital Watchdog Fido Don't be fooled by imposters, this is the original Digital Watchdog surveillance system!

Enterprise level surveillance without the enterprise cost.

Wouldn't it feel good to know your DVR manufacturer has been building and servicing PCs and PC related equipment for over 20 years? Think about it. How often do the desktop PCs in your office lock up or have other 'minor' problems such as the terrible 'blue screen of death'?

Digital Watchdog Digital Video Recorders DVR

Doesn't sound like an acceptable glitch for a security application, does it. Obviously a PC-based DVR has to be very well engineered to avoid this all-too-common problem. That takes a great deal of experience.


Digital Watchdog Digital Video Recorders DVRAnd let's not forget about experience in the security industry. How about over 12 years of research in video capture technology and 10 years of testing and producing actual PC-based DVRs that can already be found in major corporations all over the world?

Many DVR manufacturers out there just popped up out of nowhere after figuring out the possible applications of the PCs ability to capture and handle digital video. But you don't want a manufacturer that just grabbed the first digital video technology they could find, right?

Perhaps the choice isn't so hard after all.