eLEDing by EESGI: designed with the environment in mind

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Solar Powered LED / IR Illumination System

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The eLEDing How it helps you, help the environment:

Renewable energy resources have inherent and varying technological, environmental, social, and economic benefits. As
we turn to include green power in our everyday lives, we expect easy access to green powered products that are of a
high quality, long-lasting, simple to use, while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

The eLEDing is dedicated in keeping consistent with a green standard, designed with the environment in mind.

The eLEDing not only features a solar power panel, long-lasting LEDs, but includes a rechargeable lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) (or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)) battery plus advanced power management. The technology of the Li-Poly (or NiMH) battery is remarkably cutting-edge (a far greater life span compared to traditional lead-acid battery and other types of batteries such as nickel-cadimum (Ni-Cd) battery),superb safety benefits, and environmental friendliness.

The materials used in the solid Li-Poly (or NiMH) battery are benign and nontoxic. Also, it requires no special handling and face no transport and disposal regulations, thus alleviating a traditional industry headache while conserving resources.

The eLEDing is a light that strives to illuminate your world and the world around us. Long lasting materials make for strong, renewable products. We invite you to explore the technology of our product and to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Technology of Components

The Illumination

The Battery

The Solar Charger

The Motion Sensor

The Illumination

          The eLEDing uses LED (light emitting diodes) lighting, providing a super bright lighting source while generating almost no heat. The bulbs that comprise the LED lighting have over 100x longevity compared to the average low-voltage, traditional bulb used in other lighting products.

         Because the eLEDing arranges the LED bulbs into an ergonomic matrix design, the lighting is dispersed and projected on a wide expanse, allowing for greater light coverage and balanced projection comparing with other lighting system using few LEDs. The eLEDing's exclusive LED matrix ensures that even a few unlit LEDs will not diminish the strength of the eLEDing's luminosity. Other lighting products use bulbs that need frequent replacement; our LED lighting system can be used for 20+ years before any replacement is necessary.

          The properties of LED lighting used in the technology of the eLEDing offer a multitude of technical benefits over other types of lighting.

Below, a comparison chart on the variations of specifications between LEDs and traditional bulbs.

Lamp Type


Compact Fluorescent



5 - 18

30 - 79

25 - 50

Rated Life (hours)


6500 - 15,000



Very Fragile

Very Fragile

Very Durable

Power Consumption













         While makers of similar products use lead-based batteries which are toxic to environment, we restrict ourself and provide an environmentally friendly alternative in using lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) batteries (or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries).

         The benefits of using the Li-poly (or NiMH) battery include the drastic reduction of battetry waste, as Li-poly (or NiMH) are rechargeable and have a high cycle life when compared to lead acid based or nickel-cadimum (Ni-Cd) batteries. The eLEDing features a deep cycle Li-poly (or NiMH) battery that can endure 1,000+ (500+ for NiMH) complete charging cycles. The lead-acid battery only has 50-100 complete charge cycles. The potency of other batteries used in other lighting products is severely and negatively affected by fluctuations in weather. The weather condition does not affect our Li-poly (or NiMH) battery. Furthermore, the eLEDing features a Li-poly (or NiMH) battery that can sustain a wide range of temperatures from -25oF to 125oF without losing any of its performance.

         The energy density of lead-acid battery is 10 times lower than that of Li-poly battery (5 times lower than that of NiMH battery) in the same size or weight. Li-poly battery has an incomparable discharge performance (can provide constant & strong power during up to 95% of the entire operation time period). Our compact battery saves room and makes for a lighter product.

         Using green battery and exclusive battery management process technology, our eLEDing can provide overall 5 times better performance comparing other solar powered lights.


  • The materials used in the solid Li-Poly (or NiMH) battery are benign and nontoxic.
  • Exhibits very low volatility and flammability.
  • High resistance to shock and abuse

    The risk of leakage or venting is eliminated because the cells are in a solid-state form with a very
    limited amount of free-flowing liquid. In the event of an accident, the amount of exposed electrolyte
    is limited, providing a safety option not available in a liquid system.

    The Solar Charger

    The Motion Sensor

              More precise detection, thanks to a thorough 180o coverage from our strategic ePIR motion sensor. Other sensor lighting products have a limited performance and stability in its motion sensoring. With more angles reached, the maximum efficiency of the eLEDing is achieved. The eLEDing is capable of over 40' x 40'+ detecting coverage. The eLEDing uses our latest ePIR sensing technology with mirror lens to reduce all types of false triggers.