Vancouver Taxi Association & FareView Digital Mobile Surveillance System Case Study

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Client:

TaxiThe Vancouver Taxi Association represents more than 500 cab drivers in the Vancouver area, and its mission is to assist taxicab operators to improve service, safety and profitability. Most recently, the Vancouver Taxi Association has been campaigning for installing video cameras inside each taxicab to better protect drivers.

The Situation:

Driver safety has long been an issue for Vancouver; eight drivers have been killed in the past 12 years, and driver robberies occur weekly. In an effort to increase driver safety, the British Columbia Passenger Transportation Board mandated that all taxis be outfitted with video camera equipment.

“We believe that installing cameras in each taxi will deter potential assailants,” said John Palis, executive director of the Vancouver Taxi Association and general manager of Yellow Cab. “If an incident occurs, we’ll have the video footage to aid in investigation.”

"We believe that installing cameras in each taxi will deter potential assailants."

John Paris, Vancouver Taxi Association and Yellow Cab

FareView System DVR with CameraThe Solution:

The Vancouver Taxi Association chose the Honeywell FareView system because of Honeywell’s demonstrated proven results from other cities where the cameras are already in use. More than 500 taxis will be equipped with the FareView Digital Mobile Surveillance System, an advanced recording system with a 9,200-image capacity.

The FareView system is compact and discreet, but powerful. Because the cameras are equipped with infrared illuminators, they can capture images in complete darkness. The system includes two camera inputs and removable image storage media for backup, archiving or upgrading storage capacity.

Recording begins as soon as a fare enters the vehicle, and images are stamped with the time and date, as well as the vehicle identification number. Law enforcement agencies access the images using FareView viewing software.

Because FareView is equipped with a large storage capacity, drivers can record and store up to a three-day weekend's fares. All archived images recorded by FareView are maintained in CompactFLASH memory for later retrieval by law enforcement in the event of an incident.

The Benefits:

With video cameras in place, cabbies can rest assured that their fares are being recorded. If there should ever be a problem, police can look at the footage to determine the nature of the crime.

"Taxi drivers deserve to be kept safe while serving the public," said Brigid McDermott, Director of Strategic Marketing for Honeywell. "Honeywell’s FareView allows drivers to breathe easier knowing that their fares are on camera."

The FareView camera system is also used for taxi systems in San Francisco, Toronto, Winnipeg and the United Kingdom.

Based on statistics from these locations, taxi robberies have dropped an average of 70 percent since the video cameras were installed.

The Product: