Genesis Cable

Genesis Cable Catalogue

Honeywell’s Genesis Series Cables are produced in the newest wire and cable plant in North America, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and production equipment. Genesis Series Cables are available for a full range of applications.


Genesis Series Low Voltage Cables are produced with innovative equipment and technology in a state of- the-art facility. This leading edge production facility enables Honeywell to produce the highest quality Security, Fire, Sound, Video, Voice and Data wire and cable in the most focused facility in North America.

In addition to operating the premier manufacturing facility in our industry, Genesis Series Cables are produced by an experienced team. The management team has spent their entire career in the wire and cable industry, representing over 80 years of wire and cable experience. Furthermore, virtually all supervisors and line operators boast similar longevity in the wire business, exhibiting an uncompromising dedication to their craft.

Quality...unsurpassed equipment, the most experienced people, and the finest raw materials, combine to create the highest quality products in the industry. We are so confident in Genesis Series products that we offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. If any Genesis Series product fails to perform to our specification, during the life of any original installation, we will replace the cable - three spools or boxes for one. No one else in the industry makes that guarantee.

Technology...Genesis Series Cables are designed around producing the highest quality and most cost effective cables in our industry. By understanding the needs of our customers, Genesis Series cables deliver real value. All of our products exceed the industry standards of Underwriters Laboratories, ETL, EIA/TIA, the Canadian Standards Association (where applicable), the National Electric Code and the NFPA.

Commitment...Honeywell has brought together every conceivable resource to ensure that Genesis Series Low Voltage Cables deliver ultimate value to our customers. This means the highest standards of service, quality and efficiency, all backed by our limited lifetime warranty. Our commitment goes beyond our products, extending to our distributors and our loyal customers.

Genesis structured cabling

Profusion genesis series

Profusion jacketless multimedia cable; the simplest, most cost effective solution for residential structured cable applications. Individual cables are held together by a revolutionary tight continuous twist scheme. Our twisting method prevents any deterioration of the original cables performance. Genesis series profusion jacketless design saves valuable time for the installer by eliminating the need to remove an outer jacket. This construction is lighter, more flexible and has an overall diameter smaller than other bundled cables. Cold weather cracking is eliminated by the added flexibility of the non-bonded design.

5066 / 5067 dual zip cable

Genesis cable systems now offers a new, Unique, dual zip construction capable of Handling voice, video, and data in one Convenient cable.

Part # 5066 offers a 24/4 pair category 5e Tested to 200 mhz joined to an rg6/u Quad shielded satellite grade coaxial cable Which is tested to 2.4 ghz.

Part # 5067, a similar construction, has a 24/4 pair category 5e tested to 200 mhz Joined to an rg6/u with 100% foil shield And 60% aluminum braid shield coaxial cable.

Both cables are designed for eia/tia Residential grade 1 wiring applications. Both cables are ideal for single cable Pulls to various locations that incorporate Twisted pair needs and coaxial requirements.


5050 2 Category 5e, 2 RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial

5051 2 Category 5e, 2 RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial + 2 FDDI Fibers

5060 ProFusion Unjacketed 2 Category 5e, 2 RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial

5062 2 Category 5e, 2 RG6/U Quad Bare Copper Conductor

5066 1 Category 5e, 1 RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial

5007 RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial

4978 Category 5e 24 AWG, 4 Pair

Genesis whole house audio cabling

Crystal series cable

Crystal series home theater and Professional audio cables designed for Ultimate audio satisfaction. Designed using High-strand count oxygen free copper Conductors. The conductor construction Offers an expanded pure transmission Surface for the audio signal. The unique Jacket and insulation design make this product One of the most flexible, durable and Easy to install audio cable in the industry.

Combo cable

Combination cable is designed for analog And digital applications. The high strand Count oxygen free copper sound cable is Combined with a 24/4 pair category 5e cable In an easy to separate dual-zip construction.

Audacious cable

Audacious sound cable designed for Ultimate audio satisfaction by combining High strand count for superb flexibility With high end oxygen free conductors. These loose tube, easy to strip jacketed Cables in unique colors are packaged on Reels or in tangle-free boxes.


5273 16 AWG, 2 Cond. Audacious oxygen free

5274 16 AWG, 4 Cond. Audacious oxygen free

5275 14 AWG, 2 Cond. Audacious oxygen free

5276 14 AWG, 4 Cond. Audacious oxygen free

5280 16 AWG, 4 Cond. Audacious and 24 AWG, 4 Pair Cat 5e

5290 16 AWG, 2 Cond. Crystal Series Professional

5291 16 AWG, 4 Cond. Crystal Series Professional

5292 14 AWG, 2 Cond. Crystal Series Professional

5293 14 AWG, 4 Cond. Crystal Series Professional

5294 12 AWG, 2 Cond. Crystal Series Professional

Genesis home theater cabling

Genesis RGB cable

Genesis series RGB cable delivers clarity To the home theater experience. Model 5099 consists of 6 individual mini-coaxial Cables under an extra flexible highly Finished outer jacket to meet demanding Digital and hdtv applications. Models with 3 and 5 conductors are also possible. (conductors are used for red, blue and Green colors along with vertical and Horizontal synchronization). Genesis series RGB cable features 100% foil shield for High frequencies and 95% tinned copper Braid shield for low frequencies, gas Injected dielectric and an easy strip tpe Outer jacket and is swept tested to 1 ghz.

3ghz serial digital coax

This extra flexible low loss coaxial cable Was designed for high-end installations Of home theater and HDTV systems. Constructed with a bare copper center Conductor and a gas injected dielectric This cable is suitable for both digital and Analog signals. Combining a 95% tinned Copper braid shield and a 100% aluminum Foil shield this product is suited for Production and digital broadcast Applications. The new jacket compound Makes this one of the most flexible coax Cable constructions available.


5019 3 miniature coaxial cables

5029 5 miniature coaxial cables

5099 6 miniature coaxial cables

5363 3 GHz Serial Digital Coaxial Cable

Genesis security cabling

Security systems use two-conductor cables for passive sensor and four-conductor cables for active sensors.

• Depending on the length of the cable and device current draw wire gauges of 16, 18 and 22 AWG are employed.

• Stranded conductors are frequently used for additional flexibility.

• For fire alarm systems consult with the panel manufacturer for cable requirements.


1051 22/2 Stranded Unjkt

1102 22/2 Stranded Jkt

1103 22/4 Solid Jkt

1104 22/4 Stranded Jkt

1107 22/6 Stranded Jkt

1113 22/12 Stranded Jkt

1118 18/2 Stranded Jkt

1119 18/4 Stranded Jkt

1204 22/4 Stranded OAS

1206 22/6 Stranded OAS

1214 18/2 Stranded OAS

Genesis home automation cabling

Zoned HVAC climate control systems increase comfort levels and save energy. These require a 5 to 8 conductor 18 AWG thermostat wire for HVAC equipment to thermostat locations.

Lighting Control systems provide pre-programmed scenes for various lighting applications. Popular systems require an unshielded 18 AWG pair for power and a shielded 22 AWG pair for control signals. With increasing frequency, both HVAC and lighting controls utilize Cat 5e or Cat 6.


4701 20/2 SOL CL2 THERM

4702 20/3 SOL CL2 THERM

4703 20/4 SOL CL2 THERM

4704 20/5 SOL CL2 THERM

4705 20/6 SOL CL2 THERM

4710 18/2 SOL CL2 THERM

4711 18/3 SOL CL2 THERM

4712 18/4 SOL CL2 THERM

4713 18/5 SOL CL2 THERM

4714 18/6 SOL CL2 THERM


1243 18 AWG Unshielded copper pair for power

22 AWG Shielded copper pair for data

Genesis outdoor living cabling

Extend your living space outdoors as well –  access the internet, listen to music through outdoor speakers or light up your landscape.


1017 Underground Lighting 8 gauge, 2 conductor

1018 Underground Lighting 10 gauge, 2 conductor

1019 Underground Lighting 12 gauge, 2 conductor

5090 Cat 5e for Underground Use

5105 RG6 60% for Underground Use

5106 RG6 Quad for Underground Use