Honeywell Internet Connection Module

The Passion to Connect

From email to cell phones, technology is part of our daily lives. With Honeywell’s affordable Internet Connection Module (ICM) in your home, you can benefit from features that make your busy life more manageable.

Put the Power of the Internet to Work for You

The ICM lets your security, heating and cooling (HVAC), and lighting systems work together. The result? A home that is smarter, safer and much more comfortable. Whether you control your home systems from an optional touch screen or use a laptop, PDA or PC, you will be amazed at how it can help improve your life.

Security System

Security System with Video
ICM Security System ICM Security System with Video

A state-of-the-art voice warning system actually speaks to you in the event of an intrusion, fire or other emergency.

ICM Benefit

• In a fire, the system can send a signal to shut down HVAC airflow, which will help stop the spread of smoke.

• Lights can be programmed to flash during an alarm to alert first responders and light an exit path in a fire situation.

• You can receive an email or text message when your child returns from school and disarms the security system.

Home Network must still be live in order to perform these functions.

With cameras installed throughout your home, you can keep an eye on vulnerable areas such as swimming pools, nurseries or the front door.

ICM Benefit

• View the cameras remotely from any Internet connection.

• Check on your home while away on vacation or at work.

Honeywell Internet Connection Module

Climate Control

Lighting Control

ICM Climate Control ICM Lighting Control

Why waste energy cooling, heating or lighting an empty home? With the ICM, you can adjust your home systems around your schedule, keeping more money in your pocket while conserving valuable natural resources.

ICM Benefit

• Control your HVAC system from anywhere via the Internet.

• Adjust your home’s temperature from your office computer and return to a comfortable home.

• Arm your security system in the away mode and it automatically turns down the thermostat to save on heating bills.

Never enter a dark home again. With a lighting control system, you can create lighting scenes for different events from returning home from work to entertaining. Watching a movie? Simply press the Entertaining button to dim the lights to the perfect viewing level.

ICM Benefit

• Automatically turn lights on or off when the security system is armed or disarmed.

• Turn on lights from your office computer so that your guests arrive to a well lit home.

Make the Connection

You can even customize the optional touch screen to suit your lifestyle:

• Check weather, sports, stock quotes and news

• View email right at the touch screen

• Check traffic conditions for your morning commute

• Monitor your front door, backyard or vacation home

Some features available at an additional cost.