JF Series Hands-free Color Video Intercom

JF Series Hands-free Color Video IntercomAiphone presents the JF Series

Simple. Sophisticated. Security.

The JF Series is a high performance, hands-free video intercom system with a superior monitor and an amazingly slim design. It is easy to operate and requires little time to install.
The JF Series is the simple and effective solution to your security needs.

JF Series Hands-free Color Video IntercomCommon Features: JF-2MED Enhanced Hands-free Color Video System  |  JF-1MD Standard Hands-free Color Video System

NOTE: Not available on JF-1SD or JF-2SD

JF-1MD Standard Hands-free Color Video System - Supports 1 Door Station & 1 or 2 Inside Stations

The JF-1MD is a standard hands-free color video entry security system. It supports one color video door station, one master station with monitor, and one sub master station with or without a monitor. Five different door stations are available: JF-DA, JF-DV, JF-DVF, JF-DVF-HID and JF-DVF-HID-I. The JF-DA is a standard, compact door station with a plastic cover. The JF-DV and JF-DVF both offer call buttons and vandal/weather-resistant panels. The JF-DVF-HID and JF-DVF-HID-I both have call buttons, weather/vandal-resistant panels, and embedded access control card readers. All of the video door stations have a built-in speaker, microphone and a color CCD camera with white illuminator LEDs.

JF-2MED Enhanced Hands-free Color Video System - Supports 2 Door Stations & 3 Inside Stations

The JF-2MED offers all the features of the JF-1MD, but with several enhancements. It supports two color video door stations and three inside color monitor stations. Additional features include built-in Picture Memory, Internal Voice Memo, and Entrance Messaging. Image sequences are automatically recorded (8 frames per image) when a visitor calls. Up to 50 image sequences can be recorded and 10 sequences can be saved. Save special or necessary images, leave internal voice messages, and play recorded voice greetings for visitors.

Additional Features for Added Security & Enhanced Communication

Picture Memory - Picture Memory is available both manually and automatically

Voice MemoVoice Memo - Voice Memo gives the advantage to stay in touch with family, staff or colleagues

Message for EntranceMessage for Entrance - Outgoing messages can be pre-recorded and sent out to the door station

Extra Features - Added benefits of the JF-2MED Enhanced Hands-free Color Video Intercom System

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