NetAXS HYBRID ACCESS CONTROL PANEL Connectivity. Flexibility. Performance.

Hybrid Access Control Solution

Honeywell’s new NetAXS hybrid access control panel gives users the flexibility to program and manage their system through an integrated Web-browser or through traditional PC-based access control software. The hybrid solution provides the best of both worlds and allows customers to choose the level of security and functionality based on their needs. NetAXS is extremely adaptable and user-friendly, and offers simple installation and programming.

A direct replacement for most existing N-1000-IV control panels, NetAXS allows customers to upgrade their security systems to meet their evolving needs. Whether users select the intuitive Web-based interface or a traditional PC interface, NetAXS offers connectivity, flexibility and performance.

Hybrid Access Control Solution PC hosted with web client



Features and Benefits

• Intuitive interface – Easy to use Web interface or simple PC software (WIN-PAK)

• Cost effective installation – Integrated enclosure lowers installation costs

• Simple installation – Pre-wired power and connectors let you hang it up, plug it in, and go

• Scalable – Next generation hardware lets you scale your security system as your needs evolve

• Faster Downloads – Built-in ethernet functionality offers a faster processing and communications link

• Easy Upgrades – The small enclosure allows easy drop in replacements to ensure effortless upgrades

NetAXS is the only access control panel of its kind to make it easy to manage an access control system using either an integrated Web-browser or traditional PC-based software.



NetAXS Offers Ease of Installation With Two Enclosure Options:

NetAXS Offers Ease of Installation With Two Enclosure OptionsLarge Enclosure

NetAXS controller, power supply, distributed relay module and battery backup.

• Perfect for new installations the large enclosure is designed to reduce installation time, training and costs

• Provides a multitude of conveniences that make it simple for an inexperienced installer including pre-wiring, color coded-removable terminal blocks, power for door locks, multiple grounding points and large wiring channels

Small Enclosure

• NetAXS controller, suppressor and transformer

• Ideal choice to upgrade an existing access control panel