The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay Millsboro, Delaware

The Client:

Located in the Greater Rehoboth Beach Area of Delaware on the scenic Indian River Bay, The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay is a world-class resort community. Offering the finest amenities available, including Delaware’s first private Signature Jack Nicklaus golf course, The Peninsula includes town homes, villa homes, custom homes and condominiums.



The Situation:

From the inception of The Peninsula, its developers were steadfast with offering the highest level of safety and security for those who choose to live there, both year-round and on vacation. They also wanted to make sure the residents in this gated community had full control of their own specific security needs.

"I think our consumers, when they made a choice to live here, part of that was based on the security and the various options that were available through Honeywell products, and the comfort of knowing that Honeywell was involved in the community."

Larry Goldstein, Developer of The Peninsula

The Solution:

The developers of The Peninsula contacted Advantech Security of Delaware to design a comprehensive security management system.

Advantech carefully assessed the needs of the community, and integrated security and technology with convenience. "The intent is to improve safety and security, but also comfort and convenience, from the residential end right on through to the commercial," explains Eric Schaeffer, President of Advantech.

It was vital for Advantech to design a solution that had one user interface to manage the variety of functions throughout the community. Advantech created a design that incorporated

Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® security management system and LobbyWorks, a web-based visitor management system.

"Pro-Watch became a very obvious choice because it’s a robust system and provides functionality in many areas," explains Schaeffer. Advantech consulted with Honeywell and designed a system that would significantly expand as the community expanded.

For the initial phase at the gatehouse, they installed the head end, which was composed of the Pro-Watch server, the Digital Video Server and LobbyWorks Visitor Management System, as well as the gate operators, card readers, and cameras around the gatehouse. As additional phases developed, Advantech expanded the system to provide uniform card access, video monitoring, intrusion detection and fire alarm for the commercial buildings, as well as an identification badging station to generate identification for the residents, staff, and contractors working on the site.

The Benefits:

Traditionally, most people are used to having an independent system for every function. Once they install independent systems in more than one building, it becomes very hard to administrate. "With Pro-Watch, a one-card access control system serves as a means to not only provide access in and out of the community, but throughout the community’s many public areas, such as the pool or fitness center. The card can be used as a form of identification for both staff and residents. Using Pro-Watch workstations, the operators are able to assign access rights throughout the facility, whether it is for residents or staff. So, the simplicity of the system was well received," explains Schaeffer.

The system runs on a community-wide dedicated fiber optic network. For security personnel, video verification is vital. From the gatehouse or other network workstations, security personnel can view cameras that monitor common areas, such as retail areas and commercial areas. As the community expands, security personnel will be able to view the beachfront and pool areas. "The system was designed to not only secure the access to the property, but also to provide an essential facility management tool throughout the property, giving the security personnel the ability to monitor areas of concern," explains Schaeffer.

The ability to quickly retrieve video is also a great benefit. For example, if a vehicle has damaged landscaping or hit a sign, security personnel can quickly track those incidents and hold contractors accountable, without having to get up from the desk.

A majority of the homeowners use their homes as vacation homes, so remote access is a high priority. Since the Honeywell product solutions installed at The Peninsula are IP-based, the residents of the community can manage their own specific security needs and address those needs when they are away from home. In homes employing Honeywell IP technology, residents may remotely control their security systems, HVAC systems and lighting, as well as remotely view cameras installed in their home from any laptop.

With LobbyWorks, residents can register guests online with the gatehouse personnel. When the gatehouse receives the guests at the main entry, they’re able to verify them against that list and quickly admit them into the community.

"That is certainly a big convenience for the residents. Now there is no need to telephone, and no need for gatehouse personnel to track down residents to see if the guests should or shouldn’t be allowed into the property," explains Goldstein.

The Products: