Honeywell Symphony graphic color touchscreen keypad

Intelligent. Intuitive. In touch.

Introducing Symphony... One-Touch Security Solution

Introducing SymphonyThanks to one-touch icons that take you where you want to go, security system operation is crystal clear and easy enough for all of your employees. There are no complicated commands to worry about or blinking lights to interpret.

• Arm and disarm the system

• Bypass zones

• Easy-to-read digital countdown lets you know how long you have to leave

Sleek, smart and sophisticated, there’s never been a keypad quite like it.

A blend of head-turning style and sophisticated technology, Symphony goes beyond the conventional keypad.

A vibrant, full-color touchscreen display makes it easier than ever to take advantage of your security system features and options, with graphics and menu-driven prompts guiding you and your employees every step of the way. Security has never been simpler. Neither has running your business.

That’s because Symphony combines the most advanced technology with simple end-user operation. It’s an intelligent, unique and easy-to-use solution that can actually help you manage your business better— putting security and convenience at your fingertips while reducing false alarms and training time. No other keypad can touch it!

Protected... and Connected

You can control security, view video and operate lights and relays remotely from any Web browser. Symphony can also provide you with vital details about your business, letting you view opening and closing reports via an event log with the touch of a button.

Optiflex… a whole new way to look at security.

An exciting new option, the Optiflex video controller provides you with the highest level of security possible. Now you can view cameras around your business right at the Symphony touchscreen or on your computer anywhere over the Internet, with the assurance that your privacy is protected with the highest level of data security available.

For the ultimate peace of mind, look no further than Optiflex—the cost-effective solution that combines the benefits of next-generation digital video technology with the one-touch convenience of Symphony.

Customized Control

Symphony can be customized to schedule events and control lighting and select appliances to improve security, maximize profitability and save money.

You can quickly and easily:

Monitor entrances and exits

• Monitor entrances and exits

Turn the lights on and off

• Turn the lights on and off
at pre-determined times in offices
 and parking lots for enhanced security

Turn on sprinkler systems

• Turn on sprinkler systems

Turn copiers, printers

• Turn copiers, printers
 and other equipment
 on and off at specified times

Security Made Simple

Symphony brings the power of the Internet right to the front lobby

Since the touchscreen is so simple to use, employee training time and false alarms are dramatically reduced.

The World Wide Web at Your Fingertips

Symphony brings the power of the Internet right to the front lobby.

You can view valuable Internet information*—like daily news, weather and stock quotes—right at the touchscreen. When using a supported provider*, you can conveniently view new e-mails when you’re away from your desk.


* Additional services required. Internet content subject to change without notice.

* Check with your security dealer about participating e-mail providers.