Honeywell Ademco VISTA-128BP Partitioned Commercial Burglary Alarm Platform

Expect more with Honeywell

Honeywell’s innovative line of commercial products provide you with more of what you want—the power, capacity and versatility to satisfy virtually any installation requirement from a single platform.

Honeywell’s expandable integration-ready controls let you easily add options like CCTV and access control whenever you need to. You’ll spend less time installing, training, and programming systems while reducing the costs associated with increased inventory.

With our full range of keypads, wireless transmitters, sensors, wireless smoke and heat detectors and conventional fire devices, you’ll have more options to sell, and more opportunities for upgrades.

It’s the performance you can always expect from Honeywell, with more power, more flexibility and more options. And a lot more opportunity.

Integration READY

Whether it's a new installation, a retrofit or an expansion, Honeywell delivers. Our powerful UL-listed panels integrate seamlessly with access control, CCTV, long range radio and Honeywell’s full range of commercial burglary components—giving you the flexibility to create a customized solution for all of your customer's needs.

Access Control

VistaKey is designed to provide complete and lowcost access control integration for Honeywell’s commercial grade ADEMCO VISTA control panels. You’ll provide your customers with up to 15 doors of seamless integration and a unique combination of security and access control features:


Video surveillance helps protect employees and assets, control shrinkage and helps your customers make informed security and business management decisions. Honeywell’s VistaView is the ideal choice for costeffective CCTV switching.


With the only network built from the ground up to serve the security industry, AlarmNet has been the leader in alarm communications technology for over 15 years. Today, hundreds of thousands of protected premises rely on AlarmNet, and nearly every UL central station in the United States is an AlarmNet service provider. Now, with AlarmNet-i, we’ve taken alarm communications to the next level—over the Internet.


AlarmNet-i’s revolutionary technology gives you the opportunity to offer all of your commercial customers with a broadband connection—from large banks to small retail stores—the industry’s most secure, affordable Internet monitoring solution.

Panel Linking

Honeywell’s revolutionary Panel Linking feature allows multiple zones, partitions, systems—even buildings—to be armed, disarmed or checked from either one central or multiple locations. Panel Linking also allows end-users to arm and disarm all the partitions in all the panels they have access to with one simple command.

Future-Proof Technology

Honeywell's RS-232 Enhanced Two-Way Port lets you communicate with building automation systems to control heating, lighting and other appliances, and it is your gateway to integrating future technology. As innovators, our eye is always on the future—continually taking security technology to new levels to improve performance and deliver sophisticated solutions to meet your needs, both today and tomorrow.

Commercial WIRELESS

Our flexible, UL-listed commercial grade wireless solutions deliver unmatched reliability. They let you quickly and easily install security and fire devices in areas where wiring has previously been impossible, too costly, aesthetically unacceptable or where hazardous materials are present.

5881ENHC Wireless Receiver

Honeywell / Ademco 5881ENHC Commercial Wireless Receiver

Designed for commercial fire and burglary applications

5817CB Commercial Wireless Transmitter

Honeywell / Ademco 5817CB Universal Contact-Monitoring Transmitter 

Makes any UL contact device a commercial wireless device

5808LST Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

Honeywell / Ademco 5808LST Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector 

A combination photoelectric smoke/heat detector with automatic remote maintenance alert

5809 Wireless Rate-of-Rise Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

Honeywell / Ademco 5809 - Wireless Rate-of-Rise Fixed Temperature Heat Detector 

Expanded fire detection and installation flexibility for hard-to-wire locations

5869 Wireless Holdup Switch with Transmitter

Honeywell / Ademco 5869 Holdup Switch/Transmitter 

Front and back tamper-resistant RF transmitting panic device