VistaKey Entry Management System

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VistaKey Entry Management SystemDesigned for the profitable small to medium sized business market, VistaKey provides you with the simplest, fastest way to add just the right amount of access control to fire/burglary systems in settings such as retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, jewelry stores, medical buildings, high-end homes and home offices. By meeting your customer’s access control needs precisely, you’re more likely to solve their problems in a cost-effective way—differentiating your business and closing more sales!



add omniclass & omniprox

Now, you can quickly and easily add access control every time you install a compatible VISTA commercial security system. With

Honeywell’s VistaKey, you’ll open the door to a great new business opportunity while offering customers up to 1-15 doors of seamless integration and a unique combination of security and access control features!




VistaKey actually lets you help your customers intelligently manage their business.

liquor stores & jewelry stores VistaKey actually lets you help your customers intelligently manage their businessrestaurants, file rooms, storerooms VistaKey actually lets you help your customers intelligently manage their business

VistaKey can:

• Save money on lockset replacement every time an employee leaves the organization

• Enable access control with a single swipe—no need to remember codes or provide keys that get lost or stolen

• Provide an affordable, easy-to-use access control solution to fit their exact requirements

• Help track time and attendance

• Help reduce shrinkage

• Protect valuable assets by restricting access to specified areas like stock rooms, offices, vaults and safes, computer closets and more

• Help business owners and managers control and/or restrict personnel and visitor traffic

VistaKey can also:

• Arm/disarm security systems with access card

• Track employee door entry

• Lock and unlock doors based on schedules

• Conveniently enroll or delete batches of cards using the keypad, Honeywell’s Compass Downloader or Vista Navigator

• Restrict access based on job function, time or location

Easy, Affordable Access Control

Access control has never been this easy, or this affordable!

VistaKey offers the flexibility, power and value of access control, but is economical enough for everyday use. Designed to provide cost-effective expansion for Honeywell’s popular VISTA-32FBP, 128BP, 128FBP, 250BP and 250FBP control panels, the state-of-the-art VistaKey maximizes security investments by seamlessly blending access control, intrusion and fire detection into a single platform.

VistaKey Entry Management SystemOffice Entrances

• Installation, material and labor costs are reduced by eliminating the need for additional control panels for access control

• Access validation time is minimized through Honeywell’s patented global polling feature and two-wire V-Plex protocol

• Reduces installation time through automatic module enrollment and quick-start testing

• Eliminates the need to program multiple databases

• One download programs security, fire and access control

“VistaKey is ideal for small businesses. The best feature is having one panel, one database and one system totally integrated! It’s an easy sell, especially when someone wants access and security. And being able to arm and disarm the alarm system with the access card is great.” – Matt Drexler, Hawkeye Security New Albany, IN

“I’ve used several this year in schools and small businesses. Since it integrates with alarm panels, there's no need to change locks. This is great, especially in schools since teachers use so many keys.” Evie Carrier, Eagle Security Systems Grand Rapids, MI

From Retrofits to Future Expansions

VistaKey gives you the flexibility to create a customized access control solution at every stage of your customer’s needs. Whether it’s a new installation, a retrofit or an expansion, VistaKey delivers!

Recurring Revenue

Honeywell’s Vista Navigator provides your commercial customers with a quick and easy method for planning, designing and communicating with Honeywell control panels.

The convenient security and access management system lets them perform important system functions from a PC, including the ability to manage multiple controls; add, edit, and delete end user codes and access cards; print detailed system history records; view system status and more. You’ll help your customers manage their business better and enjoy recurring revenue without ever having to run a report—reaping the rewards without any of the hassle.

An Elegantly Simple Solution

Adding access control is simple, with a wide variety of reader and card options to choose from. You’ll be surprised by the flexibility and simplicity they bring to any installation.

Whether you’ve installed access control for years or you’re considering it for the very first time, you’ll find that VistaKey offers you exactly what you’re looking for—the power to create customized security solutions that use your existing skills and knowledge, simplified installations and convenient features that generate more sales. Most of all, VistaKey gets you into the lucrative small-to-medium-sized business market full of new and exciting possibilities. Consider it your key to success!