Honeywell WIN-PAK SE access control software

Protecting Your Business with Access Control, Video, and Intrusion

Introducing WIN-PAK SE with VISTA and Video integration

Introducing WIN-PAK SE with VISTA and Video integrationHoneywell’s newest and most comprehensive access control software, WIN-PAK SE (Standard Edition), combines the power of access control, digital video and intrusion into one powerful system. It’s better than ever—giving you more security, more scalability and more reasons to upgrade your system.

Integrated security is smart for your business

WIN-PAK SE, VISTA and Video lets you intelligently manage your business.


Save time and money by managing three separate systems with one easy-to-use software interface.

Introducing WIN-PAK SE with VISTA and Video integrationImprove the level of security by eliminating user code sharing, and increase your security by using a unique card to disarm a system and grant access at the door.

Interface using a single platform, which allows your users to retrieve and playback alarms associated with intrusion and access control.

Automate reporting while enabling users to send up-to-date reports on intrusion and access events hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Reduce your employee down-time by training on one system—that’s big savings!

Expand your security systems as your business grows. Start with WIN-PAK SE and add video or intrusion when you need it.

Customer Markets Using WIN-PAK SECustomer Markets Using WIN-PAK SE

It’s more than just access control It’s an integrated security solution

It’s more than just access control It’s an integrated security solutionHoneywell’s WIN-PAK SE now offers seamless integration with our VISTA-128FBP and VISTA-250FBP control panels, and Rapid Eye Multi-Media Series and Fusion Series digital video recorders. It combines access control, video and intrusion into an easily expandable system with a single user interface. It’s the perfect solution for all of your safety, security and surveillance needs. Our unique security solution is cost effective and efficient. And it keeps you in control of your security!


Key features of WIN-PAK SE with VISTA and Video integration:

Easily manage employee or customer accessEasily manage employee or customer access

WIN-PAK SE with VISTA integration makes it easy to control and manage access to designated or restricted areas in any facility. Simply placing an access card near the reader will quickly and easily grant access only to the people you have authorized for that area. And the same card can also be used to disarm or arm the security system—there’s no need to fumble with clumsy locks and keys or have employees remember multiple security codes. If a card is lost or stolen, it can be removed from the system without having to redistribute keys or change locks.


— lets you restrict access to certain areas or control access during certain times (such as after hours, holidays, etc.) and notifies you if a door is left open. It also enables you to easily manage time and attendance of employees, and tells you which employees went into what areas at what time. — helps you prevent unauthorized access to equipment or machinery. It incorporates elevator, parking and driveway access control and driver tracking, and it lets you preset events and actions to control HVAC, security and other devices.

WinPak SE An integrated platform means you get more value

An integrated platform means you get more value

Customer Benefits

Seamless Integration

WINPAK SE brings together access control, VISTA control panels, Rapid Eye Multi-Media Series and Fusion Series DVRs, and LobbyWorks Visitor Management System. Integrating these technologies from one manufacturer makes it easier to upgrade existing systems and enhance the operation of new security systems.

Enhanced Security

WIN-PAK SE with VISTA integration reduces unwanted alarms caused by improper keypad operation, incorrect codes or unauthorized access to sensitive areas. Reports can be generated to help businesses improve on their operating efficiencies.

Innovative Digital Technology

The integration of Rapid Eye Multi-Media Series and Fusion Series DVRs extends storage space and facilitates easy identification, retrieval and playback of events and alarms. Events can be used to trigger cameras or recordings, and users can view live video or easily retrieve video playback of access or intrusion events directly within WINPAK SE.


Add WIN-PAK SE to an existing VISTA-128FBP or VISTA-250FBP installation and take advantage of increased functionality, including dynamic graphical floor plans, customized reporting, on-screen virtual keypad and more.

Ease of Use

Operation is quick and simple using WIN-PAK SE’s quick start wizards. Wizards make programming and operation simple by taking users step-by-step through installation and programming.

Trusted Products

WINPAK SE integrates with Honeywell products that have been trusted by our customers for years. WIN-PAK, VISTA and Rapid Eye Multi-Media Series and Fusion Series provide a familiar look and feel and require little or no additional time for installation and programming.

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